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Joined April 2007
I moved to Canada in 1997 from Wales - UK.

I've been running my own Stone masonry business up here in Ottawa for over ten years now. Not many people do the type of work that I do, so finding work and charging what I want isn't a problem.

I enjoy doing stone work but would much prefer to work from my laptop, wherever and whenever I want.

My wife and I have been together for over 20 years now, (wow time goes fast)
I guess you could say we started our family early because my wife (girlfriend at the time) went into labor on my 17th birthday.
Many people including family members said it wouldn't work because of our ages. So I guess we them.

We now have two beautiful girls 18 and 9 and don't plan on having any more :P

I'm a big wordpress fan and if you need help with something related to wordpress, feel free to contact me, I have many training videos up here at WA and many more on my Youtube channel. Link on right side some place >>>>>>

I'm currently working with local clients most of the time with another family member, he's great at selling and talking with clients, so I generally handle all the technical stuff.

Wishing you all much success for 2014.
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deelilah Premium
I shall watch your video A to Z Word Press, despite its length and I'll let you know how I do. I really want to get fluid in some of the technical aspects of building up websites. Thank you ahead of time.
Stansk Premium Top 100
I am trying to set up my website according to you video about the structured data testing tool. I keep getting these error. How can I correct them?
A value for the image field is required.
A value for the publisher field is required.
The dateModified field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
The mainEntityOfPage field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
I have this on each of my posts.
WindyCityUSA Premium
Cool bio, I beat you though, I was 16 with my first son. I wish you much success to you and your family.
Jah-li7 Premium
hi! welshy, thank you for your follow, and for it's another form of support, thank u for that, I appreciate it!
Crazyfrench Premium
best wishes
Crazyfrench Premium
hello, need plenty of tips on word press like If I want to send bulk email how can I link the email to my web
how to add an option please" fill name and email info" on one click so pple will have to click and give their info before accessing a free offered bonus for example tks will be helpful
All sounds Hunky Dory your end ..enjoy .
Frenchfries5 Premium Top 200
I will appreciate any help I can get!
fopoku515 Premium
oke ooh! WALSHY, i like the way you are enjoying your work.THAT IS PRETTY COOL. iam auto technicien BUT i want to have and enjoy the weathy Affillite business. i hope you are also enjoying it? yep!! pleased to meet you here.
prstanley Premium
Hi Welshy,
Thank you for taking the time to follow me, I really appreciate it!

Your story of how and when you and your wife began your family and the nay saying is a very familiar one and it sounds like God has blessed you in that regard! What an inspiration! I too, am married to a very lovely lady of 38 years and blessed with two wonderful adult children and three very handsome grandsons!

I'm new to the marketing circuit and excited to be part of such a wonderful group of people! Hopefully, I can learn more from you as I progress! Any pointers or advise you can offer, would be well received my friend!

I've been a construction project manager working at the same place for over 16 yeas and approaching retirement! I'm planning to go slow with this program at first to ensure I fully grasp all the fundamentals before moving forward with more concerted effort!

God bless you and your family!

SiobhanP Premium
Hi - I have justed watch your great vid on how to upload a video onto YT (it's about a zillion years old) still some great information provided :)
JeffDolson Premium Top 100
Welcome aboard. This is a great product, not a scam. The training is top shelf, it is inexpensive and has great community support. Good luck.
AAdamson Premium
I have an idea for a square box banner can i send it to you to put it together for me. Punterhillr3@yahoo.com
Dreamer56 Premium
I was watching a training video of Nathanielle's and he mentioned your name. Thought I would stop by and say howdy and see what else I can learn. It does appear to be quite a bit . You have some great training that I will be back for. Nice to meet you.
See you out there,
JokeBamberge Premium
awesome story . I like it