I have a YouTube channel and want to put my Amazon affiliate links in the description of the videos.
I have already signed up on different countries for Amazon affiliate and have linked my accounts.
How can I use one link on YouTube to link to different stores based on the user?
The only (paid) solution I have found so far is "Geniuslink", but I don't like there pay plan (it is based on clicks)
So I have an idea of a walk around but need some experts on WordPress if this is actually working or not.
So my idea is to setup a website with WordPress and the OneClick code that you have to put into the website and use a Plugin like "Short Links".

So my setup would end like this:

1. I make a new plane page called "Linkindex" and put the Amazon OneLink code into the header or wherever I have to put it.

2. I list my real Amazon Affiliate links on that page.

3. I create a short link that links to the affiliate link on my page.

4. I put the short link into the video description.

Do you think that would work, or is there already another solution out there?
What is your opinion?


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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - the first thing you need to know, is that Amazon has a sales target, and this applies to each country. You need to make 3 sales in 180 days for each country you have signed up to.

So, if you have signed up to all 8 countries, then you will need to make 24 sales in 180 days. Otherwise, you will be removed from the program for whichever countries you failed to meet the target.

Secondly, you cannot redirect to an Amazon link. A customer has to find the link directly on your page, without being redirected to it. This is specifically mentioned in their program policy.

"Disqualified purchases; any Product purchased by a customer who is referred to an Amazon Site by a link that sends users indirectly to an Amazon Site via an intermediate site"

Amazon has some of the lowest commission rates with some of the strictest rules.
FrankHeise Premium
With Amazon OneClick it should work like this:

1. I link all Amazon accounts that I have signed up to, with amazon.com. I did that.

2. I can now create links on amazon.com and this links should redirect the customer to there nearest amazon shop.

so I created the link on amazon.com and shared that link, but the link only link to amazon.com and not to ca, uk or Germany. How I am supposed to make sales when the amazon link is not working?

I have a website with 10.000 views a month with international traffic and a YouTube channel with 150.000 views a month.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you may wish to read my blog post about OneLink, and the fact that it doesn't always work as it should. Even when it does work, it only works through text links, not image links or text + image links. If the product is not available in other countries, then you have to ensure you have set it to "close match" rather than "exact match" otherwise it won't redirect. And even then, it still might not work if there is no similar product.

You also need Amazon's correctly worded affiliate disclosure on each page that has affiliate links or you will be banned from their program. Take a look at this training. Don't forget all their other rules as well, such as not mentioning the price of the product and only using the one image they supply you with, which must be inserted using their HTML code.
FrankHeise Premium
Thank you,
I will have a look and try to get some sales next week. Now I have to take a break.
I was so motivated, but nothing worked as planned today.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, you may like check below link
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, listing all affiliate links on a page doesn't convey the message across or converts well, it would look like just another salesy store.

Your visitors may land on your pages to make an informed decision based on the content that you provided and whether to click your links if they serve a purpose, a solution to their issue.

You would normally include an affiliate link to every 500 words written. That's quality rich content with a good choice of keywords addressing issues related to your niche.

You still then can divert customers to YouTube or other stores and even your own..

Was that helpful?
FrankHeise Premium
I think you misunderstood my approach.

I don't want to use that page to make it public or generate any attention.
The only propose of the page should be to transfer a click on a link on YouTube to the right Amazon store of the user.

I have a YouTube video about cat nip and I want to put a link of cat nip on Amazon in the video description.

In the video description I put a short link that directs the click to my WordPress page and from there (because there is the OneClick code) the link will be directed to the right store.

That is my theory, but would that work?
FrankHeise Premium
Looks like the video is outdated, the oneTag is no longer needed.
Maybe this is a good time to make a new class about Amazon OneClick.