I cannot believe what has just happened.... one of my pages went South, and I cannot get the previous revision back to restore Worfdpress just hangs......... I can't get any "Contact Us'" only a forum & that's no help either .... I'm a tad pissed to say the least! Anyone with answers?? I really don't want to delete the page and start all over again! Oy vey!!

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success2010 Premium
I had to copy and save everything on word ,,then deleted my post page and started over again pasted post in and went great after that ... maybe it will work for you ..best of luck
Bill67 Premium
Sorry man--have no info for you---has not happened to me.
Scott363 Premium
Need a little more info. Did you recently install a plugin that couldve caused it? need specifics or theres not much i can tell you. also you should back up your site with the export option for cases like this.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi CharziG - could you elaborate on what you mean by went South (I'm from Scotland, so maybe it's a well known term elsewhere).

Have you just lost your page/post, is it hosted on WA or elsewhere, when you click revisions does it show anything at all?

All the best, Mark
ahen205 Premium
Do you have a hard copy of it? Rest up and try again tomorrow....I hope it works out for you.