I have an issue that I need some help with,

In Google Search Console, after I submit my sitemap there is usually a clickable link for viewing the index coverage, that link is no longer there and my traffic that used to be sent by Google or where ever it comes from has stopped. I barely have any traffic at all. I seriously need help. I am about at my wit's end.

If you would like to see screen shots of what I am talking about I have a lot.

Stacie Fortson

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Pamshooter Premium Plus
Mine shows under G site kit. I'm not sure why your traffic would just stop though. How much traffic were you getting before? I can tell you that if you post on instagram and tik tok it will help boost your traffic. I have got quite a bit of traffic from posting on instagram, more followers too!
sfortson Premium
I used to get anywhere from 5-10 new subscribers every day and not from social media at all hardly, I wasn't even posting aside from when I published a new article and back then I wasn't even a member of any groups, my traffic was mainly organic. I am not sure how many visitors I got daily, I never checked.