Whenever I type in my website into Internet Explorer or Safari it comes up looking weird.

My SIte Name - Bestsurveysitesformakingmoney.com

Any suggestions on what i can do to fix this? Anyone else here had/having this issue?

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AGOgden Premium
Pay mind to what Jim suggests
jtaienao Premium
I agree with everyone here Josh. It seems as though is is an issue with your theme.
MarionBlack Premium
You're right, it does look weird. Try a different theme and see if that helps.
drjec Premium
It might be your theme. Have you siged out of wordpress? As long as you are signed in you will see the "cusomize" version. Check at the top right of the page, if there's a place for you to sign out, do that and then enter your url in safari again. It should look okay.
joshua1999 Premium
I only edit my site on Google Chrome, will it still work if i sign out?
Triblu Premium
Then I believe Jim has it right ... your theme is not browser compatible. Here's a post I wrote on this very issue: http://www.eparrs.com/blog/why-your-website-should-be-browser-compatible/