I am starting to link pdfs to some places on my site and had decided to include the header from my site at the top of each pdf page. (I make the document with Word and then convert it to a pdf.)

When the header area is open for editing, my header looks normal like this: https://monosnap.com/file/31VERki6Dcz4cMAaf4OJhVj4...

But then when I leave the header and go to work on another part of the document, the header looks faded like this: https://monosnap.com/file/LuXKjrVxRtEVT7rqOJjQgx53...

Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can prevent it? The faded looking header isn't really worth it - I'm tryig to make the pdf look more lively, not faded... lol


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Prestones Premium
Hi Robin!

Your site's header graphic looks crisp and bright when I browse at the site, as opposed to being logged in as you are. Take a look in a different browser, or in incognito / private mode and see what you think.

If your concern is not your web site, but rather your pdf imagery, try eliminating the header in Word and simply putting the graphic at the top of the page, under the normal header position. See if your pdf turns out better then.

Congratulations though - the image looks good!

RobinMc1969 Premium
It is my pdf imagery that I'm working on. So I guess I'll try eliminating the header in Word and simply putting the graphic at the top of the page as you suggested.
IMc Premium
That's just what Word always does. Not a lot you can do about it.
The area that you aren't working on fades - as shown in your screenshots.

So in your first screenshot you'll see the text has faded to grey - because you're working on the image.

In the second screenshot. The text is now black - because you're working on that & the image is faded.

It will look fine in Print Preview - and that's what's important
RobinMc1969 Premium
I didn't realise that it was only the portion I was working on that went grey and that it would look normal when I printed it.
Thanks for the clarification. :)
judebanks Premium
Does it matter while you are working on the document? The only time it would make a difference is if the gray area continued to show when you publish the PDF and look at it on the web.

While in work mode it is not unusual for Word to mute or gray unaffected areas.

I don't know whether the Word PDF converter converts images or particular image types.

If you publish it on the web and it continues to show faded, you will need to convert the image to PDF format separately before adding it to the document. In this case, search for image-to-PDF converters online. ~Jude
RobinMc1969 Premium
As you can see in my response to Ian above, I don't actually have a problem... I just thought I did. :D
essmeier Premium
It's probably an issue with Word. You might try using another tool to create the PDF and see how it comes out.