I backed up my website and most of my product images disappeared. How do I restore them?

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Paula1278 Premium
Thanks for the help, everyone. I resolved the issue.
gmmf Premium
First, contact support to get your site restored. Then, and I am pretty new here, but as I understand it, your site is backed up automatically for you. Check your "Site Manager" and it will show you when your site was last backed up. For instance, today is 10/21, and ALL of my sites were backed up on 10/20. That's one of the advantages of WA's managed hosting. None of my HostGator's sites were ever backed up for me.
LMH1968 Premium
I would contact support
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, you may like to ask site support for a previous back up of your site to be reinstated.


To back up , I would use AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins. UpdraftPlus is a premium and highly recommended.

Hope you get it resolved sooner.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm not sure, but I am awaiting answers you might receive, Paula, just in case it happens to me too. I will suggest though, that you can always put a ticket in with Site Support explaining the issue! They are very good and might be able to help!