Hey guys, this is an update question! I installed ad inserter and copied and pasted the HTML code in my site's settings successfully. However, despite my saved settings (to display on all devices), I don't see the ads display on my pages and posts.

I am grateful for all the assitance. I am certain that things are getting better from here. I am learning so much and love my progression.

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - in your previous question, when I asked, you said you had been approved. Is that definitely the case?

Or is this just the first piece of code they send when they inspect your site to see if it is suitable? Have you received an email that actually says "Your site is now ready to serve ads"?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Most definitely,, we are excited that your enjoying the training and developing. Let us know if needing further help and assistance.
Newme202 Premium
Can you try clearing your cache, refresh and check again?