I have been trying to reinstall my web site for A week (I felt the first one was poorly written. I have deleted all my template writings. Every time I go to re-insert my rewritten info. I am told the website already exists. I have depleted the webpage from WordPress, and from all the templates as well. I also deleted the privacy page because I got the duplication warning. It was never given the options of checking the two boxes shown in our training session. I even deleted the site from WordPress. Now WordPress is giving me a warning message that someone is trying to hack my page(I know I must be the Hacker) and will not let me in even with my password. By site is call wildbirdscarehousingandfeeding.com, and I am using the Hiero theme. Is there tech support that can tell how to wipe my slate clean, and state over again? Dargonfly10 Sandy

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Contact site support
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Try tech support and see what they can do to help you out if anyone can tech support can. I hope this helps you out.
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Also, there was a blog post from labman the other day that said Hiero theme is no longer supported by its developer, you will certainly want to change to a different one.