Which capture page builder is the best?

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Mark K Premium
If you want something that will integrate here at WA then you can try any of the following

Elementor (optional pro upgrade)
Brizy (optional pro upgrade)

Paid Only
Thrive Theme Builder/Thrive Arcitect
Beaver Builder

Guttenberg with any of the following addons
Kadence Blocks
Ultimate Addons for Guttenberg
Ultimate Blocks
Atomic Blocks
zydegeaux Premium
Thanks. I have ultimate add one but I didn't know that was a feature
megawinner Premium
Hi Neil. there are many but I would say the following:

Wix – It's the known mmost effective general website builder. However, you may want to use it to build effective landing pages, both as standalone pages and part of your larger website.

SITE123, it is the direct to the point in terms of building a Landing Page.

and Leadpages it is accordingly the Simplest Dedicated Landing Page Builder.

Best regards,
zydegeaux Premium
Thanks Florintino. Can I host them myself or do I have to have them on their site?
megawinner Premium
Hi! For Wix, No. It does not support the option of exporting sites created using Wix, to an external destination or host. All Wix sites must be hosted on Wix's servers. You can point your domain name to your Site123 provided URL and be in business in no time.
and t you can only connect your domain to your Leadpages account. I hope I answered your question. That's all I know. Florentino
zydegeaux Premium
For me simple is the best as long as it's attractive and professional looking. I also want to make thank you pages and bridge pages