Hello, quick question.

I am disgusted with AVG / PC office. I am thinking about PC Matic. What are you using and why?

UPDATE 17 April 2017: Thank You Everyone. I appreciate everyone's response and there have been so many suggestions I now feel like I'm loved by many and definitely very fond of each of you.

As you may have noticed that I have not been around very much. I am fine but very weak and have only a couple of working hours a day. Thank you so much and may each of you guys be soooooo blessed

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Richy777 Premium
Use Windows Defender you do not need anything else, it was recomended to me by the tech man who sold me my PC.
ekuzevska Premium
Panda free version
RETL Premium
Windows Defender is free
dalwhu Premium
I'm not great on the technical stuff but I've just changed to spy hunter from norton

I use it as I had a malware virus when I turned google on. It got rid of it straight away where Norton failed miserably
nikkie1 Premium
I'm think its mcfree