I have the footer text, but need the content. I am not lawyer so where do I fined an example to use?

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Pamela-C Premium
If you click on site content under websites from your WA control panel or the pencil at the top of your page, there is a privacy template you can use for your site. Don't forget to edit your contact info etc. The training under Getting Started explains the steps to do this as well

Hope that helps :)

Good luck!
SondraM Premium
Like John just said, there is a template for the privacy policy in the site content area. You will just need to add your website name and one email contact address towards the bottom.
David58 Premium Plus
You go to content/templates https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/content/templates

there you will find a privacy policy template. You will need to find everywhere there's an email and replace it with yours. You will next be defined any URLs replace it with yours. Once this is done proofread it sure you like what you see. Then you can copy and paste it to your privacy policy page.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Wolfe222 Premium
In the training tab on the Online Entrepreneur Certification in Level 1 lesson 7 of 10; they discuss how to create & publish your privacy policy page with the whole gibber-gabber included.

JohnCrossley Premium
You will find it in sitecontent. It is already written, you just need to change the [yourwebsite] sections to your own website.

Click the pencil above, and click on write article. Then you will want to create from an existing template and you will find both a privacy policy and affiliate disclosure in there.

Edit the bits to your website, and you are good to click publish.

Hope that helps

Wdcope Premium
Thanks john.. I guess I missed that bit.. so much sometimes its those little things :)