My website is still new, i created it only a month ago and i was getting really some good traffic for the first 3 weeks, but now it seems like am not getting any at all!
What happened? how can i get it back?
Thanks in advance!

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jfbmarketing Premium
The rollout of the December 2020 Core Update is not yet officially over. Still, the causalities caused by this new broad core update seems to be massive.

Many of us lost a great deal of traffic, but others gain an incredible amount of organic traffic. If you're in the (YMYL), your site was hit pretty hard, with major changes that changed during the time of Pandemic that required major reassessment.

delroy2222 Premium
feigner Premium
check your google analytics - if you have it installed - to see the time on page
normally newer sites are scanned by programs in certain niches to add them to the list of updates others use to 'keep an eye ' on the market....
but if that is th ecase you know that the niche you have picked is keep going and seewhere the journey takes you...
good luck
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I have to say it is unlikely you were getting any "real" traffic with your site being so new, unless you were sharing it on social media. It could have been bots crawling your site, maybe you asked WA members for comments or were even viewing your own site.

It can easily take a minimum of 25 posts and at least 3 months before Google takes much notice of your site and starts ranking it high enough to be seen.
Newme202 Premium Plus
Have you checked to see if Google analytics is still installed?

If so, maybe you need to reboot, clean your cache and see if any change