I was surprised to find my new Siterubix site has already been indexed on Google just 2 days after I wrote my first article. I`m pleased of course, but I wanted to understand something better. My plan is to buy a .com or a .org for my new (second) site. However, I wasn`t going to do that until my new site was a little more mature. If I wait until my new site has more blogs and material, when I switch to the .com etc., will I have to go through the who process of being "indexed" with google again? Will I lose ranking and the work for keywords etc., for the new articles I am developing now? Should I buy the new .com now or wait?

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keishalina Premium
... looks like the awesome WA community of members have jumped into to assist you with your question .... lol .... it's all good!

... yes, if you've got a domain name that you want and it's available -- recommend you grab it as it may or may not be available later! ...there's a saying, 'he who hesitates is lost.' ...
so best to not develop a habit of procrastination when prompt action is usually the best route to 'success!' ...

... and please do ensure when you make the purchase that you have the exact letter spelling as there are no refunds once the transaction is done ... that's the policy of all domain providers ...

... all the best to you for every success -- stay strong! ... :)
BSandlin1 Premium
Great question and answer to the question. Something I will need to know as well.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Better to do it now because when you start with a new domain it basically starts from 0 on Google.
Dave07 Premium
Trevor there's really no point in waiting. Get everything onto your premium domain ASAP so you dont need to worry about loss of rankings etc.
JrzyGrlBJ Premium
When you buy your new .com, you can use the move function to transfer everything, even images, from the siterubix to the new .com
When you do this, Google gets advised of the transfer but you may have to reverify ownership in GSC.

I just did this recently, when I bought a new domain name for my rescue dog website. It was a fairly seamless process.

Personally, I would make the change now before writing tons of articles that may need to be reverified in GSC.

Hope this helps you decide.