A lot of times, we link to an article in a site or another post of ours. In that case, it is hard to designate the position of the destination article.

In other words, when we link to another article, the destination article is shown from the very beginning. But, it might be necessary to show some other part of the article.

Let's say that the destination article is 200 lines long, and it is necessary to show the 150th line of it. Is it possible to show a certain part of the destination article, such as the 150th line? If so, can you please explain how to do it?

Thank you.

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MaggieR1 Premium
Thanks for the question Jason. I myself struggled to find that part of the article I mentioned on my post. I had to read the whole article (from the destination site) all over again to find it. I can imagine the harssle the reader will go through if there was no short cut to this. Thanks to Isaac for providing the solution.
EHozubin Premium
Good Question.
JackieB830 Premium
That was a great question Jason, thanks for asking it.

I have thought about it, but never think of asking.

All the best

nathaniell Premium
It's only possible to link to a specific part of your own article. It's not possible to link to a specific part of an article you don't own.
FOta Premium
I link to Wikipedia like a ritual.