Also, I am curious to know if two is the maximum number of categories I can use for my blog posts. Any advice on how to use aesthetics to lure a customer and keep them on the site? How do I offer incentives? Is it essentially to update the private policy with a real email address? If all templates don't have a main menu, what are some alternative ways to establish order, structure?

Thanks for all the help, support, and wisdom!!

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AJAbie Premium
Have you read this article by Partha @ParthaB? If you have NOT yet, I suggest you do.

Thank you for your inquiry.

IvanBroz Premium
You can use email signup forms and autoresponders to encourage people to read your blog. Offer a free book or a video to get them to sign up and then contact them whenever you have a new blog post and offer them to read it and even comment and share.

There's no minimum number of categories. You can have as much as you want.

Don't spend time thinking about aesthetics. Focus on your content.

Use your website's email address in your privacy policy.

I don't understand the last question regarding menus and templates.

I hope this helps! Cheers,

Ivan :)
richardgb Premium
Hi Elijah

I agree with Roy.

I wonder where you got the idea of only 2 categories?

Categories help users to find their way around.

As a visitor to many websites, I don’t care much about how a site looks, so long as it is easy to find my way around for the info that I’m after.

To learn what you beed for email marketing I recommend a search at WA which should help clarify your questions.

If you have more questions, just ask!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Elijah,

Thank you for your interesting question.

To be fair and it may sound obvious, just follow the training, there are no shortcuts in trying to encourage people to read your blog.

Did you know that the way a site looks makes very little difference to the traffic? My Webmaster is always telling people to focus on content rather than how the website looks. He doesn't create pretty websites, however, his websites make money!

I don't believe there is a limitation on categories, some of my websites have many different categories.

I may not have fully answered your questions, however, I hope this helps.

Have a great day.

PeterLove1 Premium
Elijah88: All I wish to say is that those are good questions . . . when I need help along those lines, I'll be sure and save whatever they tell you to do or instruct you. I'll want people visiting my site to join my blog, too!