I have this page on my site where I employ Ebay affiliate links with listings for my own products.


I like the way it looks and works well enough but it has become very clunky to edit the page with all the auto-saving and links loading.

I have had the thought to just create a listings archive page to copy the video and photos to as I want to keep these on my site for reference for collectors, sellers, repairmen and the like.

I don't believe that would necessarily solve my problem though because in the past I've had well over 100 listings at a given time and I don't think the editor on this platform will keep up with that, at least the way I currently have it set up.

So, I have two questions:

1. Is there a better, more efficient way I can format the page to make it more friendly to the editor?

2. What is my best option to jettison the old listings from this page but still keep them available on my site?

There are obviously SEO concerns here as the page is already making me a little money and I don't want to do anything to screw that up.

I would appreciate any advice both for the technical setup of the page and SEO implications.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

I would consider doing a staging site and testing first before applying to the main site.

If domain is hosted with WA, you may ask site support for a staging site.


You may review this below thread

AbieAJ Premium Plus
I would also check eBay community / support / docs for help with your question.

At one point did sell art as in eBay store in collaboration with Channel Advisor.