I'm wanting to create an awesome website with a bowling niche. I would like to incorporate shopping and video instruction, what theme does anyone recommend using to attract traffic

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JrzyGrlBJ Premium
I know everyone recommends Generate Press but I use Zita.
Very easy to configure and customize.
roysin Premium
Use Generate Press as recommended below. It is responsive and easy to use.
I have switched from Speakers Outlet to Generate Press and I am very satisfied with the switch so far.

- Roy -
ChrystopherJ Premium
As per below, I would suggest Generate Press. If you would like some reasons why, check out the three posts below: If you require even more flexibility, you can upgrade Generate Press from Free to Premium, which installs as a Plugin, so you do not lose any settings/configuration later down the line.

GP Premium also comes with a Site Library, if you would like to choose pre styled settings for the base theme.
reta4321 Premium
Generatepress is recommended by many members.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - a theme doesn't attract traffic, that is achieved by Google ranking your posts highly based on the quality of your content.

However, the recommended theme here is the one you are given initially, Generate Press. It is fast loading, easy to use, very customisable. Other themes may have features which you don't understand or would find difficult to use. This could lead to frustration.

Remember, your site won't be seen for a while yet, so it doesn't actually matter what it looks like at this stage. You should be concentrating on adding content.