Hello, In spam comments, we get a message that says CSS hack. Please in plain english explain what a CSS hack is. I am not a coder and don't understand code language, so as plain as possible Please. Thank you.

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PjGermain Premium
Dan, Do you mean within your WordPress website's spam comments?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets - in short, it's the code used to create WordPress templates and give it the different styles.

I have seen many spam comments on my site where the spammer will use "CSS Hacks" as his/her name instead of leaving a real name. This let's me know that it is, of course, spam. The reason behind it is to leave a link with that text and IF approved, would allow the source of that link to be recognized with the search engines. This gives there website credibility. We call it a "backlink" because it links back to their site.

It is comment spam and doesn't work as it once used. The search engines have become more aware of this shady tactic, but some website owners are still trying to cut corners with their backlink strategies.

I hope that all makes sense.
Dan-L Premium
So if I use the comment they leave can it harm my website? Or does it leave me open for attacks. Some look legitimate while some are just obvious.
If I do use them I strip the URLs and email address off of them and use the legit sounding comments.