There are occassionall new updates on the dashboard on e.g plug in,word processer,etc. Is it ok to enable such updates?

What happens when an update fails?

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phil1944 Premium
I have 24 websites and most are set to update automatically. I've never had any issues.
jghwebbrand Premium
When we speak of Major updates to WordPress we are talking about a version ;like 5.0.or 6.0
MinaKim Premium
Hi, you should update especially plugins to make sure that your website works properly.
Luckily, I haven't experienced any update fails so far.
jghwebbrand Premium
Back up your website first. A good plugin for that is All In One SEO Migration.
If your updates are related to plugins, you can update them. We do it manually. Sometimes when a new version of WP, something like 5.0, 6.0 and even 5.9) is available for update, a plugin may not have been updated yet. This does not happen often,

But make sure you do a backup first so your site can always be restored to what it was before the update..
AbieAJ Premium Plus
it is okay, however I'd make sure I back up first before updating | upgrading especially with a major one.

You can use the AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins. UpdraftPlus is a premium and highly recommended

I contact site support of any issues.