I am building a website for my BFF who is a Jazz/Funk fusion keyboard player and he would like to have a page on his website with a couple of tracks from each of his 3 CDs.

I have seen many websites that have a play bar for music tracks and I was wondering, (all you musicians out there), what is the best kind of audio file to use so people can hear some of his choice tunes? An avi, wav, mpeg,...?

Any suggestions? And if you have a website on music that has music one can click on and listen, please post a link so I can check it out. Thanks WA!

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AdamPrice1 Premium
Yes, I agree with Takatomo, for samples on your website mp3 is good mixed at 44.1Khz and bit rate at 160kpbs, that will produce about a 4Mb file for an average 3.30minute track (160Kpbs is half of broadcast quality, and still sounds the goods online... If you want to go all out use 320Kpbs but it will double the track size to about 8 - 10 Mbs).

The above is what I use for demo's on my site and just use soundcloud for the player which works very well, you can also look at ReverbNation.com as it has a variety of free embeddable players also which do the trick.

Hope this helps?

Marcus1978 Premium
This ^
Takatomo Premium
If you are going to use it for just sample of a song, I think it's mostly mp3 file. There is FLAC, which is better quality, but file is much heavier.
MarionBlack Premium
You could ask Weston https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/musicman99 what he uses on his sites. I'm not sure if he uploads any music files or if he just has them on http://soundcloud.com. Sound Cloud is sort of the music equivalent of YouTube, you can store music there and share it. I think most people use MP3s for audio files.
Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi Robert, don't know if it's exactly what you are looking for, but try VLC Media Player.
SuphatPasree Premium