I have been a member for several years and I have not made any conversions yet, what am I doing wrong? I am pretty sure I need more content, but that will only attract more visitors, not convert them. Is there something I need to be adding to my review page to make it appear more attractive or give it more of a selling point? I really want WA to work for me as I have tried to make money using lots of methods, such as forex and binary options and none of it worked. I want to be able to prove to my wife that I do have some good sense in choosing things to make money with.


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Loes Premium
You have a thinking error
Traffic = conversion

I don't know how your review looks like, but a call to action should be on it.
DavePaton Premium
Are you saying that if you have traffic, you will get Conversions or are you saying that is an error in my thinking, that more traffic doesn't mean I will get more Conversions?
Loes Premium
The first, when you have more traffic, the conversion will follow
HennieSteyl Premium
Hi David. It's hard to say. without annalising your site. not having stats on your SEO, traffic, etc., we can not assist you.
I can suggest that you go to SiteFeedback and hear what people have to say.