my main page is at the bottom and new posts on top.

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1Summer Premium
My first website was exactly this, the "posts were rolling into one another like a scroll." I have now changed my website's theme and I now have a semi-static page I suppose you can say, listing my posts and directing the visitor to "read more," which will then direct them to the full posts, you can see what I mean when you to my page my only issue now is I am not completely satisfied with my comments box and will be changing that as soon as I figure out how to do it.
onmyownterms Premium
Your page is functioning exactly as it is supposed to. Blog posts appear in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) unless you have done something manually to change that. All appears to be normal on your site.
GFHaze Premium
Hi Di,
I'm trying to understand your situation. It initially sounds like settings within your theme?
What is the URL (domain name) so I can take a look and see?

DianeWehi Premium
merlynmac Premium
So, depending on your theme, your blog posts will be displayed differently. I use a static home page with widgets to get the layout I want. The widgets display information a specific way and automatically update with new posts based on the category I assign them. If you go to my page you'll see what I mean. I've labeled each section by their category so you can see for example if I post something under Make Money then my new post will be put into the Make Money section. There's also a latest posts section where my most recent posts will be displayed (so I might have a post in 2 places on my main page at times). I then have a separate posts page where all posts go and they displayed with the most recent at the top.