The website development process continues to change vastly. Technologies come and go, where others seem to retain their power within the web development and programming world. Having an understanding of how the development process works and improving on your programming skills can be highly beneficial to your business. In this classroom you can get training and communicate about any topics related to the development of your website and web programming, whether it is for your website, a plugin, your design, or a web application that you are creating.
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bobaye Premium
Okay, I'm wanting to know "where do I go from here?" Is my website set up correctly ?? When do I start with the action ?? What is the next action ?? How do I tell my website where the web space is located ?? My website name is "" - please somebody help me and lead me step by step !!!
Trialynn Premium
I went to and was given the following message: Unable to retrieve the URL:

The Barracuda Web Filter encountered the following error:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for
(Name Error: The domain name does not exist.) If your website cannot be found it potentially is not set up correctly. Are you working in wordpress? What hosting service are you using?
Shields Premium
Thank you!
Shields Premium
This makes sense, Carson. Thank you. I really don't know whether you can point me in the right direction for my website issue. It has been online for a few years (not wp) and I want to monetize it and make some changes on it. I don't know how to access the site as my webmaster is unreachable. Can you help? It is
Thanks for your thoughts
Lev Premium
If I have free hosting for unlimited sites elsewhere, (just renewed for another year before I got here:/) due to an old website I have, what is the advantage of getting my new domain hosted here, and do I purchase the domain here too. How does that my current hosting also offers wordpress etc.
ToddT182 Premium
an area designated for the mechanics of our "little projects" is great, maybe this will help me to get a nice looking slider on SSSTV!
Carson Premium
Yes, this section is definitely for all those projects that just didn't have a place to be discussed before! Looking forward to the integration of Classrooms when we go live on Jan 28th!