Hello everyone,

I am wanting to do a page that promotes Wealthy Affiliate and home business as such without it being a blog post with all the distractions of the default side bar with links and bottom bar with links etc.

So essentially, it is just a page with the only way out being the "x" at the top right or for them to enter their details and check out WA!!!

Which is the best plugin to use for this so I can create such a page?
Thanks heaps, Sharon

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MoritzS Premium
That's a landing page.
Many themes have this included.
Create a new page in WordPress and look at the right when in edit mode.
Look for templates and see what you theme has to offer.
shazzaWA Premium
Yeah it is a landing page. I will check that out Moritz, thanks for your help!
MoritzS Premium
If it doesn't have it you either need a plugin or change the theme.
Most really good landing page builders are not free.

I'm using Thrive Themes (paid only) which has great landing pages.
shazzaWA Premium
Hi Moritz,
I saw that I could do a full width type page however it is still putting in my header, menu and bottom bar which is not what I want so this is not the feature I am after.

I am sure there are plugins to help with this and to make it a proper landing page, so hopefully someone can share something.

Thanks anyway!
MoritzS Premium

I'm using Thrive Architect. Love it.
If you don't want to become a Thrive member, which is a monthly subscription but you get all their themes and plugins, you can just buy the Architect plugin.

Paid is really the best option here, in my opinion.
Loes Premium
I followed your discussion, I have made my own landing page, full width on my homepage. You can check it on workathomefuture