They said that it wasn't registered. I thought I did register it. I have the user name and password. What else must I do to register it? Lila Locati

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LilaLocati Premium Plus
I want to thank Technical Support for helping me get on track with my two web sites. Fast, efficient service, well worth the while.
Thank you.
BrightSales Premium
I had transferred my domain here too, friend. I had about one year left for registration expiration. As soon as I made the transfer to W.A., I had to pay for registration to W.A.
It was confusing as I still didn't understand why. I should have questioned it. It was too late.

Find out who you had registered with and use that information to show it to tech support. See if they will honor it until the expiration date before you transfer it to W.A. All the best!
jghwebbrand Premium
Is your domain name listed here.
Scroll down to see them.

Once you build your website for your domain name your website will be located here.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You can go here and register a new domain

Hope this helps.