Is there any truth to this?

What I intend to do is create up to 30 posts on my site before monetizing it. I then intend to lay out my site properly and add affiliate links and ads to each post. This will help me to gain ranking and traffic faster and give me a good rep with google, so I was originally told by some reliable sources here at WA.

But someone told me that adding links later is a big no no with google and I may get shot back down the rankings.

Does anyone know for sure??
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johnmpeltier Premium
Hi Jason, I certainly don't think it hurts may be easier to get it all done at the same time, but I don't know why you would get penalized for it. Maybe someone else can chime in about why that might happen.

From my own experience, I had a blog with over 75 posts written over the past few years. When I joined WA recently to learn how to write for SEO and use affiliate marketing, my rankings and traffic actually went UP on those old posts. The SEO helped and it doesn't appear I was penalized in any way for monetizing old posts.
WKnoepp Premium
Never heard of that.
Alane267 Premium
Ya I don't think google would ever dock you for adding them later. Many people have huge blogs that i've seen and finally add ads and affiliate links. As far as waiting, i'm not sure if that hurts your rankings in the seo's... maybe another question to be answered on this post?
jvranjes Premium
The second option does not sound logical. If you do not have enough content you will not get affiliate links so easily. They inspect your site and if it is minor you are not granted the link.
The first option is what we learn more or less explicitly in the lessons here at WA. Jovo
steveo5770 Premium
I've never heard that and I don't believe it's a bad thing.