I have a problem with my site, it states the https is not secure and its trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources, I may have a bug in my laptop it has been acting ODD, please help, I am trying to resolve this but its a little over my head

I tried removing images and now going thru each page, post and removing the content (copy and Paste) into Doc first :) )

this started last night after my laptop started acting odd. I went into my computer and got rid of some things that did not look correct

need help with this one please as my site is nearly finished and I would like to have it critiqued and publish

on the jetpack which will not load!! it states issue is cURL 7 !!!!!

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von301ne Premium
Thanks, I figured it, there was some iffy things which I got rid of, plus for some reason my firewall was OFF !!!!!!! I downloaded extra security protection and everything seems to be Ok now, and loading much quicker

I did upload some images from affiliate programs I am with,, did not think to see if they were https . Thank :)
Huffman Premium
Send A Message To SiteSupport:

You might also have a http image instead of an https giving you an issue, but I recommend site support, they can see more from their side! :)