It has happened that I found one and the same website I commented in it before, should I press the not interested button/what?

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BrightSales Premium
If you are talking about commenting on the same webpage twice, yes. That should never happen. If you are talking about commenting on website with different contents, no. As long as the same webpage/content doesn't have the same person commenting twice. Put it simple. I can go to a person's website and click on every webpage/content to leave a comment. All the best!
LMH1968 Premium
No that is okay
No its called bring a loyal reader and isn't spam at all.. you are fine, people can often comment on more than one article in a blog and thats a good thing. all the best, Phil
MichalB Premium
No it is not fraud. When you Google something that is related it happens that you land on the same page.
So it the same thing.

You can go ahead and make a comment.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - no, it's not a fraud. Imagine if your website has a regular, loyal set of readers, they may perhaps comment on every post. It would only look odd to comment on the same post twice