Should I put two different coffee benefits on the same website since they are both coffee related, or should I pay for two different websites since one is referring to a coffee diet and the other one is on Organic Coffee. Which makes the best marketing sense? Lila Locati

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LiveOnLeyte Premium Plus
No problem running two different coffee offers from one site. I have done three even four similar offers in a "buying Guide type" single post.
jghwebbrand Premium
How are you going to market both ideas? Do you think both targeted audiences can benefit from both ideas? Do you have enough content ideas to build 2 websites? (100 - 200 posts)
dsmarketer Premium Plus
I think it depends on how you are marketing the products. If your site is more of a funnel to drive leads to the product then I would do one site per product. If it is a site that is all about coffee and you are promoting via reviews and educational information then I could see both on one site.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

ONE niche, a website. Products and programs can be varied however all must be relevant to the niche.

Hope this helps.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You can use the Alphabet Soup X (beta) to find autosuggestions and how to proceed further.

You can access by clicking the App Switcher icon top menu.

You can watch Kyle's webinar going forward From there you'd have more refined focused results.

However, I would start with one subcategory that's best resonates with me, can write lots of content, and once exhausted I would move along and start discussing another subcategory, by this time your site would have started receiving traction and traffic, getting noticed by the search engines and authority along the way.