Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for anyone who has worked in real estate or built real estate sites. There are a lot of cookie cutter systems out there that provide site, hosting, and lead generation. Places like Boomtown, Kunversion, and Real Geeks.

My questions is if it's better to go with a site like this that already has the MLS in place or go with building your own site and then get the iframe for free from the MLS?

I know how to develop sites and write content that ranks, but I wonder if it would be better to pay for a system like Real Geeks and then blog based on keyword research.

If anyone who has some good insight into this, I'd love to get your take.



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KatieMac Premium
There are some members who are real estate agents hopefully they will come back with some assistance sorry I cannot be of help here
mijareze Premium
Twitter has so many people with real estate sites. I have a lot of them that are following me. But that could be a source of information.