WordPress is not so user Friendly, is there a Quick, Easy Solution? More like using Microsoft Word not a total different program to learn like WordPress. Option to all suggestions?????

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bazboy247 Premium
Wordpress is the best solution for affiliate marketing and blogging its just a bit of a learning curve that's all. All the training on WA will show you step by step how to build a wordpress website.
AJAbie Premium
WordPress is one of the easiest open source platforms to learn, and like everything else there's a learning curve but as Catherine has said, when you get used to it, gets going.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Ruarkb Premium
Thanks for the input, Guess I'm just use to other types of formats, after my last medical episode I am considering deleting all my old content and starting fresh. Sometimes I think that would be the best bet.
AJAbie Premium
I would not delete my old content as yet as they could be useful. You can always copy and paste in plain text in site content or WordPress so that you do not carry on any unnecessary codes (without formatting)

I would go with the coursework, carry on with my site and take a step at a time at own pace.

Ask questions along the way please ask.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
There arent any shortcuts and like anything else when you get used to it it is very simple.