My WordPress Plugins Section, Under All in one SEO Pack showing Pack that I need to upgrade to Pro.

Same is showing in Pretty Link Option, Why ?

Why is this happening again & again when I have upgraded to Premium ?

Please do the needful.

Shivanand Kale

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RDulloo Premium
Plugins have nothing to do with your WA membership.

When you buy your smartphone, you don't get ALL apps for free, right? It's the same thing here with your website.

You have your website and now you can choose which "apps" or plugins to install to make your website better. Just like apps on your phone, plugins have free and paid versions.

If you are happy with the free versions, then just don't upgrade. :)

Hope this helps,
merlynmac Premium
Plugins have free and premium offerings. You only need to upgrade to pro if you want the pro features. Plugins and themes are outside of WA's control. They are created and maintained by 3rd parties.

I have All in One SEO and I don't use the premium offering as the free does what I need.