My google Search console stopped working I dont know exactly why,when I try to Fetch as Google,I always get "redirected message" now I have 3 sites and it`s to all 3 sites the same thing.

I have followed many tutorials and nothing works and yes i put / (slash forward or what`s the name)nothing seem to work.At first I thought it`s my internet connection but i`m convinced it`s not.

Since this started happening,my Analytics too stopped working, it`s stuck at Zero traffic even though I make little sales here and there so im sure I get some traffic.

Now my question is, can I remove all sites from Search Console and Analytics then re-enter the sites again.Im not savvy with HTML codes,how will I remove the codes used to verify the property?

Your help really appreciated.

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Gunnertwist Premium
If u are adding the whole URL when doing a fetch it will do a redirect. U only need to paste in the last part of your URL, the part after the .com/. I am not sure about anything else that could cause a redirect. Give it a try if u have not done this and see if it still does a redirect. The problem with Analytics not working I do not know about, sry. Maybe as Huffman said, that support might be able to help.
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks I know and that`s what I`m doing.I just sent the ticket.
Huffman Premium
I believe I heard another member with the same problem, he had lots of traffic then it stopped. He said he contacted Site Support and they walked him right through the whole process to fix it. :)
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks will do this,really appreciate