I`m using the Magazine Pro theme.
I don`t know when this started exactly, but when I write a post, bullet points and numbered/list automatically turn to very small fonts.
H tags all come out normal fonts unless I change from visual to text then enter H..2,3,4 whatever manually.
Now this is proving to be a problem especially with the bullet points, they look normal in the admin area and will only appear small in the front end.This means I have to be careful when writing, not forget to change the font size when writing numbered or bullet points.
Could someone please advise what to do? I can`t put my link here, it`s not the right thing to do but if you like, I can send you the link in PM.
Thanks so much

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MarionBlack Premium
I would be switching themes to GeneratePress, Roamy. But if you really like the theme then try custom CSS. Please note that ordered lists and unordered lists (numbers and bullets) are different from the normal text so you need to add the extra lines using ol and ul in place of p (paragraph).
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks Marion,now that you say it, I remember it was you who helped last time I had the same issue.
Triblu Premium
Hey Roamy,

Having gone through something similar, I contacted my theme developer and was shown how I could EASILY adjust the size of body text, title text and what ever other text I wanted to increase.

This way, it saved me having to add yet another plugin or a child theme.

However, you could check through the training here to see which resolve you prefer. See screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.
roamy Premium Plus
the body text is ok, the problem is when I have to use bullet points and H tags,B text is also an issue.
I checked the training already,there are font sizes but nothing about specific font problems.
Really appreciate.
Triblu Premium
H tags are for use on Titles ONLY, not body text.

Personally, I ALWAYS reach out to a theme developer whenever I have issues... or plugin developers if it is an issue with a plugin. This way, I get served faster and don't need to use a "fix" that only servers until the theme changes.
feigner Premium
as it is the pro theme then is there not an option under appearance customize - typography to change the font size
if not then using some css will alter the font size of the list and bullets across the whole site.
i could recommend an easy css plugin called diteorigin css
with this you can inspect your site from the inside ad see the changes before committing to them.
when you go ot the plugin ( under appearance then custom css)
click on the eye and then the spy gass - navigate to the post with hte list and click the eye glass again then click on the list and you should be able to edit the style in the left hand apne
sounds complicated but if you run it then you will see how easy it is yto do..
good luck
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks I appreciate it, but, is this a fix or just temporary? because I had the same issue before, someone directed me on what to do and it worked, somehow it just stopped working.
As the fix was so quick fixing the problem, I have forgotten who the person was that helped.
feigner Premium
both of those fixes are permanent
adjusting it in typography is like adding a header - that doesn't get removed ....
the plugin again is permanent - adding custom css will be there even after you update your theme...
so both are permanent Roamy
or you could do as Trish suggests - you have support with a pro theme -so why not get in touch with the designers and ask them how to adust the size of the font in the lists...
roamy Premium Plus
I contacted them once, the answer was so stupid, so cold and unprofessional I thought of posting it on the internet to let people know how you get treated there if you have a problem.
Since then, I knew I`m on my own should I have a problem, but hoping to move themes soon.
feigner Premium
that's a real shame as it shouldn't be that way...
they should be ambassadors for their product....
personally - even though they have recently had a slap on the wrist- i still prefer astra, most here will be promoting generatepress, but if you do use it makesure you don't want to ad woocommerce as iit has issues with it.....