Hi folks, I am wondering if there is a way to find out if plugins compatible or not with other plugins.
For months I have been using the Reduce Bounce Rate plugin but since I have installed the AMP plugin my traffic (mostly organic) GA shows a 100% bounce rate. This is on both my websites. Before I had a bounce rate of probably 30%.
Is this something I need to ask site support or has anyone of you have had a similar experience?
Some words of advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance from Anke

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johnwai Premium
Hi Anke,

Each plugin has their own page that should tell you whether the plugin is compatible with your current wordpress version. Note that not all plugins are regularly updated and that does not mean it is not compatible. As long as it functions without breaking your site it is a working plugin in my eyes.

Not sure if there is a way to check compatibility between plugins. Maybe there is a plugin for that.

Again most stuff could be found on the developers plugin site.

As WA don't support the plugins they probably would not be able to advise in this matter. But you can try.

If you have issues I would ask for support from the developers site.

If you remove the plugins does that bounce rate improve ?


AHohaia Premium
Thanks John. That is a good idea! I will uninstall the plugins on one website and see if it makes a difference.
All the best from Anke
kasage00 Premium
there should be a message on the plugin description showing whether or not it's compatible with your version of wordpress