Hi everyone,
I’m having troubles with my website, I just don’t like the layout and how it’s presented and have spent countless days trying to fix it up with no luck at all. It’s come to the point where I’m considering getting an outside business to creat and optimise my website. What are all your suggestions on this matter ??
Thank you all

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AbieAJ Premium
Great question and great answers.

Best wishes.
mcb247 Premium
Firstly, congrats on taking action and getting your website up and running many don't even get that far. Great niche! My son has a mental health podcast.

As regards to the design yes there are things you can do to make it better. Here's a few suggestions

Take the colors from your logo and run with those, create a white background across your site with black lettering, maybe the orange for headers.

Creating a border between your content and the edge of your site will look better.

Like others have said the generate press theme is very adaptable.

Trust this helps any other help just PM me.

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I took a look at your website, as you have mentioned it elsewhere in a blog post. To be fair, you are right, it's not very appealing. I think the majority of your problems could be resolved by a change of theme. Many of us use Generate Press which is very customisable.

Start with that, change your theme, which will get rid of the poor colour scheme and allow you to add featured images to your home page, rather than blank squares. As Phil has said, following on from that, ask a specific question as to what exactly you would like to change.
Hi Jeremy, it is difficult to say what you don't like about it, you could put your site in to a review here @WA and get feedback which could help. You have lots of help here so maybe try that first. If you are more specific about what you are asking you will get some feedback. The training modules also help with this as you go along and complete the actions.

So I will start , what specifically don't you like about it. If you put a question mark at the end other members will be able to answer it as well. Thanks Phil