I've just joined a new affiliate program and I want to add their banners to sidebars on my website, but I'm just not quite understanding how the widgets and sidebars and all these alternative sidebars and stuff work in the WordPress editor. Some of the stuff here about how to do it refers to older versions of Wordpress. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

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Here's a training on widgets.

Custom Widget Ideas
TrueStory Premium
Hi. I don't know how it's done. I wish I could help ya. I noticedon't that,
Up above, where it says "Question by Defiant6", then premium, then the google+ icon, it says, "Last Updated on Jan 17 , 2015..
Uhm, today is only the 16th of Jan.
You might want to get that fixed.
In my opinion, typos like that, can turn potential customers away.
I hope you find the answer to what you was looking for.
Have a good night..
MarionBlack Premium
The date depends on where you are in the world. I live in Adelaide, Australia and the time here is ten and a half hours ahead of London, UK. We don't have any control on the dates put up by Wealthy Affiliate as their clock/calendar is Canada time/date. ~Marion
Shawn Martin Premium
Use a text widget, drag it to where you want it, a side bar or footer section, and just paste the code into the widget and it should all work.
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If you go to your dashboard go to appearance then widgets then you can choose left or right side bar and which position 1,2,3,4 then just insert your code. You may have to trial your banners to make sure they fit right.