Is it a wise move to have a Coming Soon page up while my
website is being built?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Cindy,

If you are following Kyle's training, nowhere does he suggest this... though you can do whatever you wish with your website as it is yours.

Hope you find this helpful.
unigirl Premium
Hi Triblu,

Yes, I was not seeing it anywhere,
but I was kinda curious if it would be
a good idea or not.

Thanks for your reply,
OSegun Premium
I think it's fine. Visitors will have some sort of information that the website is not some graveyard.
unigirl Premium
Yes but I just have dummy text at the moment as I build out the framework of how my site will look, so did not want to scare people
Loes Premium
Russ1962 Premium
Good idea, you may be able to get some followers ready and waiting for when your website is released, I think you may have to make the coming soon page look very interesting.
JKulk1 Premium
This question has been asked before. It's probably a good idea, however as most sites are rarely ranking when being built I personally don't believe it's necessary. Jim