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bebekmed Premium
You can get rid of the http in the url of your images write relative URL instead.
<img src="https://website_name/main.jpg" />
Replace by
<img src="/main.jpg" />
Can you provide the url of your website?
Dougie123 Premium
Hi, I havent got a clue what youre talking about, put the link into bitly, then I use that. Here is my link, but remember Im far from finished,(busy with the training)as you will see, Look at woodworking projects Tab, please advise
sylviayuchin Premium
Hey, I saw your question on Live Chat, about how to put the HTML. Hope this helps you :)
YumaBloggers Premium
You need to find any banners that have http:// instead of https:// in front of the URL and if they won't display with the S remove them.
AlyseS Premium
thanks for trying to help me... i'm still stumped how to fix this and i also noticed sometimes my text gets jumbled around a pic.. so i'm trying to fix those 2 issues. Can you provide any add'l info