Never heard of it, but I downloaded it and now there is a "Team" section underneath "Comments" in my dashboard. Anybody know what teams are?

And it is normal to have to download a plug in for a new theme?


P.S. Does google care if you change you theme? Does it affect rankings, etc?

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EricCantu Premium Plus
Sometimes particular themes have a plug in that they ask you to download that works well with it. In my experience, the plugin is usually something that adds more options when you're customizing the theme. You can check it out and if it isn't really something necessary you can just delete it. I don't believe changing themes affects SEO much, as SEO looks at content as opposed to aesthetics, BUT a bad theme that's hard to read would affect your readers who would be less likely to engage, so that would affect your rank.
TravelCarrot Premium
Great advice, Eric! Thank you so much!