Is it better to move from Wealthy Affiliate or from the other host server?

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cumaske Premium
I have used Godaddy, Namecheap before.. Don't know which one you are using. One thing I have found from my research on many other servers like the ones above, where the starting cost is low - once you start getting traffic their prices go up and many times unreasonably high. (My sites did not have much traffic at that time hence my info is 2nd hand). WA gives you a huge bandwidth to allow 500,000 visitors per month if I am not wrong. Plus this price is for 25 domains + 25 subdomains.
So, to answer your question - in my mind its a hands down decision - move to WA.
Wdcope Premium
Yes. I have several sites here now. this is one i had not finished and started to because hosting still being pd there.. Decided to move it and finish here, and plus for your reasons and others in process now moving to here.. thanks for responding
BrendaMZ Premium
If you notice in the ”Build a Website”

You see you can transfer a already hosted domain site to WA Domain server.

Type in at top of your profile page enter search on how to transfer hosted domain site to WA server.

I am not sure if this answers your questions, others might have better answers
Wdcope Premium
Domain is easy if no website.. I think some servers make it hard so you stay. I have a website somewhere, and wanted to move it here since others are here and better server. I have site support with the ftp info moving it now.. thanks for responding