I am getting ready to build 2 new sites and want to try a new theme. I have seen a couple used in the community that I am exploring. Divi or elementor. Any feedback on your experiences with these?

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jghwebbrand Premium
I'd like to suggest another theme for you to explore. We are biased because we use it, but the features is has are terrific and with the starter template plugin it even gives starter sites to modify. We even have enough features in the free version we do not have to use a Paid version. This theme has demo, documentation and is rated highly, has much usage and is coded well for speed. The theme is Astra.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Tim,

I started using the Divi WordPress theme but then changed to the Themify Ultra theme as it seemed much better. I like the idea of using one theme for all my websites.

There is a lot of functionality that I am still learning, in fact, I have a long way to go. I am fortunate though, as I have a Webmaster who helps me, which is extremely useful.

Have a great day.

bazboy247 Premium Plus
I use thrive themes
feigner Premium
personally i would give them a miss ...
with the recent developments in the block editor and continuing development for full site editing then i would rather use the block editor to create pages and posts..
the theme of choice at the moment is blocksy...
with kadence and if you are brave neve coming in second and third...
depending on what yo are after...
i had elementor pro for a few years and fonud my site getting slower and slower...and occasionally breaknig with elementor updates(quickly fixed mind)....
but try elementor out on a test site ...divi would be more difficult although i am sure you could get someone on fiverrr to install it for $5 to try it out....
just my thoughts on the way it is going...
good luck with your choice
AbieAJ Premium Plus

I test it first before buying in, because that can be expensive.

You want to make sure they are responsive, extremely light, fast, well coded, SEO optimised, flexible, adaptable and customisable

You may try GeneratePress or Premium where you can extend the theme and can have many layout templates.



Kadence WP with Kadence blocks




You can also review below resource about other options Hope this helps.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I use both Divi and Elementor Pro

Learning curve of Divi is harder however more reliable and great for site speeds, Elementor Pro learning curve is less steeper however you may have issues with sites speed.

You could always use WP Rocket which is a premium caching plugin to resolve sites speed.