(Had to put a question mark at the end.) I'd like to suggest to you that if you have not used the feedback request in website manager recently, you might consider doing so. I just got some excellent comments on my website, and I thank all of you who commented. You might find it helpful as well.

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Karen117 Premium
Yes I agree. I also received some very helpful advice and feedback on my website.

I had previously requested feedback and had no response as you had mentioned in your earlier post. I am more than happy with the feedback that I did receive, in the end, and it has given me some good direction.
FKelso Premium
Yes, mine did too.
Isaiah14 Premium
Happy to comment, Fran! Great that we have site feedback for receiving those helpful comments.

Isaiah 😊
DaveBuckley Premium
Hi Fran. I thin the feedback is invaluable not just to those starting out on this journey but also for those who really need honesty on what they are displaying. It's the best time to pick out the mistakes as the writer doesn't always see the errors.
Mick18 Premium
Great idea, Fran.
Have a wonderful weekend,
NnurseBecca Premium
That is absolutely cutely stated?
You're most welcome of course💝🤗💃🕺😍