I have tried contacting my coach Kyle three times now. We no results, I received one response, I clarified with a reply and then nothing. I submitted two requests to receive website feedback 10 days ago and no feedback. I don't understand. I have received an auto-responder message saying how much he wants to help, so I responded to that but nothing again.

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mcb247 Premium
Happy to help if I can, PM me your website and I will gladly give you feedback.

ChrystopherJ Premium
I've just checked your profile and it looks like you joined WA directly and that you were not referred here by another member. Kyle, one of the founders, therefore became your default Personal Coach. You need to bear in mind that Kyle has over 2 million members here, so his replies might be slightly slower than expected.

As the others have mentioned below, you can ask other members for help & advice. There are a few methods for doing this:

1 - You can use Live Chat to speak with members directly
2 - You can search for help, based on similar questions that have been asked in the past. You can do this from the search bar at the top of this page.
3 - You can ask your question on your own profile, ensuring you put a question mark on the end. A message will apear below it asking if you want to ask the community, you can set this to Yes and your question will appear like this question has, for us to reply to, like we are doing now.
4 - You can click on the Questions tab on your profile and ask a question there.
5 - At the end of every Training, Tutorial, Video or Blog Post, you can leave questions, again, ensuring you include a question mark and selecting Yes to ask the community.
6 - You can request feedback about your website by using SiteFeedback, which is accessed by clicking Websites on the left-hand menu.
7 - If it is a technical issue with your website hosted here at WA, you can contact SiteSupport, by clicking on Websites on the left-hand menu.
8 - You can also access the various help sections by clicking on Help Centre on the left-hand menu.

Hope this helps,
CandP Premium
Hello Jeffry. Kyle gets a lot of messages so it may take him a while to get back to you. Try raising your questions either on the main WA blog or, if you need a really fast response, LiveChat.
Colette and Philip
TELEX2019 Premium
Your questions will be answered in Live Chat.
Try it any time.