A potential referral to WA's affiliate program asked this question awhile ago. He's a web designer and he's handling clients that include businesses and universities. He's so interested in our program and he plan to join me by next month or December with an Annual Premium Membership.

"Is WA Domains Monitoring All The Domains Hosted In It?"

To cover the cost, he plan to distribute the 50 websites among his clients, but giving them only their wordpress login accounts and keep domain access all to himself.

With the question he asked, I admit I don't clearly understand what he mean. And as a result, I don't know the answer. I tried sending him a message asking him to clarify what he mean, and yet no reply until now.

Can you guys help me interpret what this fellow mean with his question?

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Loes Premium
He can have 25 siterubix.com and 25 owned domain names on one account, and all those will be monitored and have the domain security, he can not have 50 siterubix.com hosted here on one account
rosieM Premium
Loes, can you clarify for me what 'unlimited' means here? I am also confused....
Loes Premium
I have asked that question to Kyle as well, Rosie, and his answer was, well 50 websites is almost unlimited. I didn't agree with him and now the new banner says 50 websites
They have removed the "unlimited" and replaced it for 50 websites
MarbeyPerez Premium
I think so. Yes they are I am almost completo y sure.
MKearns Premium
I'd be interested in the response to this as well.
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
He plans on using the free site rubix sites for his client as well? You only use 25 domains and 25 free site rubix websites at WA.

I'm not quite sure what he means by domain monitoring. Maybe he's asking if WA tracks every website to make sure it's up? If that's his question, then I believe(I could be wrong) the answer is no. He would have to track his own websites to ensure they are up and running.
Jpowell1278 Premium
Sounds like a question for Kyle or Carson to me.