I would like to know if there is anyone in WA who has a dropshipping website hosted on WA. Could you share your experience on how it is working for them. thanks Goaloptions

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PoppaJoe Premium
I can't tell you about the others but, if you are wanting to get some training, check out Jay's videos from the month of November 2018. As far as numbers go, dropshipping is expected to continue increasing as consumers are tipping the equation to online when it comes to shopping.
Done right, it should not be any more expensive to run than any other business online. Just a lot of hours just like eveyone else.
imthedamo Premium
I don't want to rain on your parade so to speak and I know others have had tremendous success with DS but I have not. To me, the cost was too high making the profit margin minuscule and therefore the work immense. However, there are those out there I am sure who have systems that work, I have a feeling it is a ton of work for something that would need to be attended to all the time.