Afternoon all, is there a way to let the owner of this site
In site comments is coming up with a 404 error so no one can leave a comment.

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chowie Premium
Interesting question Lisa!

All I can figure out about the site owner's homepage is that his name is Greg & there are lots of Gregs here at WA. So...

I imagine that if you really wanna help him out, you could contact WA tech support who could figure out who owns that site & possibly let him know that page corresponding to the url you pasted above displays a 404 error?
keishalina Premium
... hi Lisa ... it looks it's been 'trashed.' .... and plus it's a sub-domain (siterubix) so wouldn't be too concerned about it ... likely a practice run ...

good you're on the alert! ... keep well, cheerio ... :)
4sbjay Premium
I saw that one too and I was wondering the same thing. Maybe the only way to help is to send the website to site support, explain what happened, and they can locate and notify that person.
KerryRoddy Premium
If their site is doing that they probably don't care :)
rikovsky Premium
I left a comment on the blog post and let the owner knows already. Also, I hope the owner will open the form and let us leave our website links on comment area too.