The site was built by a developer and i like the theme but would like more than one menu, which is all gallery supports,

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Pios2012 Premium
Loes got you covered. What is the payal button?
Loes Premium
You can add a custom menu to your sidebar
First, you make an extra menu, call it "sidebar menu"
Then you add the pages you want to the menu
Then you go to the custom menu and point it to your new menu "sidebar menu"
That's it.

Beautiful art!
codevonish Premium
Thanks Loes, i have been trying but the theme only supports one primary menu, i am experimenting with new themes, i have a lot on my plate, i cannot get to buy anything on devonish as was pointed out by a potential customer and I am having problems with the configuration of Google analytics on It has been a frustrating week, will site help with any of these problems, This is when my limitations are being tested.Thanks, forgive me for unloading on you.Stay well.
Loes Premium
No problem, I see, sorry, is Divi a purchased theme?
KatieMac Premium
go to your appearance and look at menus's to see if you have more than one if not follow what jonsey has said
jonsey41 Premium
If your theme only supports one menu,then you can also add a menu i widget sidebar,to do this,

1.Go to widgets a text wiget & place it in your sidebar
3.drog and drop you pages into the txt widget & your done.

Your pages will now appear in the side bar and act as links.
Other than that you would have to change your theme,
Hope this helps you out,i shall follow you,best of luck...
codevonish Premium
Thanks so much , i am exploring Divi, wish me luck.