Hi there, I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to offer the latest goss in my niche on my home page....is there a plug in or anything I can do to make this happen

Thank you Justine

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jaytech Premium
You could run your own magazine that updates automatically. you create it, then paste the code onto your page and then it displays as a page. Try this.


Although the basic version is free, the full on pack costs a little but, you could charge for advertising in it etc, it would soon pay for itself
DJ-Yogi Premium
I use paperli too, but have to implement it in my website.
RaeAnnePond Premium
This is a really good question, this could be a great add on to a website. I'll follow this to see what the answers are as I do not know myself.
KatieMac Premium
I know you can create RSS feed or you can look at super RSS reader have never used it but might be worth checking out
blubutterfly Premium
Hi Katie, thanks again, but have no idea where I would look for that...I have set up a google alerts for nails news that I get in my email box , but thought that would be really interesting for people/visitors coming to my home page. I know this is probably leading traffic away, but it would work both ways I think, just like offering the pros and cons in product reviews....
KatieMac Premium
some themes have a RSS feed in them to check you can go to appearance and select customize look to see if you have a social tab click there, failing that try go through this might be the solution